Dennis Olson
16323 E. Rice Pl.
Aurora, CO  80015
Leesa, married 1984, Stefanie, born 1985, Tori, born 1987, and Gillian, born 1992.  Leesa attended Callaway High School in Jackson and graduated in 1978, as well.
I own my own photography business in the Denver area.  I am looking to open a new kind of bar and coffee house in the near future, having become a little bored with photography.
Business Management A.A.; attended Brigham Young University, Mississippi College, and Hinds Junior College.
All of you guys were my class, and I think about all of you often.  After graduating in summer '77 from Clinton, I worked for a year at different, unfulfilling jobs and then attended BYU for a year, after which (as you all knew, I am Mormon.  Not Muslim.  Don't go there), I served a two year mission for my church in Uruguay, where I learned to speak fluent Spanish.  When I came back, I attended MC for a semester and then, after another nine months of work, went to Hinds and got my AA.  Still unfulfilled, I joined the U.S. Navy.  For five years, I worked as a Spanish Language interpreter and CryptoTechnician and served in Panama in the National Security Agency.  Getting tired of the politics during the Iran-Contra crises, where we were all under the scope, I left the navy in '88.  I worked at odd jobs, delivering pizzas, doing photography, and selling cars at Petty Peck Honda.  I moved to Denver in '91 and graduated from Denver Automotive and Diesel College.  Worked as a Diesel Mechanic for Rocor Transportation until they went bankrupt and were bought out by Prime Inc.  Prime laid us all off in 2002.  Luckily, I had started my photography company, D&J Photographic Odyssey, Inc., in 1999 and was able to make a smooth transition.  My Mom and Dad still live in Mississippi, in Oxford.

On vacation, at a wedding chapel in Gatlinburg, TN, in 2001
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