Lavonne "Lynn" McMorris
15799 Cypress Point Ln.
French Settlement, LA  70733

I'm a Registered Nurse in San Francisco, CA, commuting back and forth from French Settlement, LA.
Attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College, LSU (Geaux Tigers!!) and Southeastern Louisiana University.  I attended Forest Hill for the third grade in elementary, then 7th through 11th.  My family moved in the middle of my Junior year, 1977.  Attended Raymond High School for the remainder of that year. Attended summer school to graduate early and skipped senior year.

Did a stint in the Air Force, then worked as a Firefighter and Paramedic on the Gulf Coast.  Eventually became a Registered Nurse and my nursing career has taken me all over the country, including working two years as a flight nurse in Alaska.  To compensate for my parents having apparently no taste in baby names, I dropped the "Lavonne" after leaving home, legally changing my name using only my middle name. So everyone since 1977 knows me as "Lynn McMorris." I enjoy traveling, anything outdoors, sports and music. It was fun to see the pictures of the old school. Great memories there. I can be reached via this email address. I may wander but the email address stays the same.

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